Welcome to Rovaty Aviation Limited

Air Cargo Operations

We deliver cargo to locations in Nigeria domestic and the West African coast markets including rugged/difficult terrain that cannot be accessed by the bigger aircraft currently in use by our competition.

Our air cargo operation is set to cater for the transportation of specialized high value-to-weight products, perishable goods, emergency deliveries, intellectual properties and products requiring increased security.

We are structured to save our esteemed customers costs, time consumption and losses resulting from moving their cargo using scheduled passenger airlines and trucks by leveraging on the right technology for the region and using aircrafts that are excellent in carrying out air cargo operation over short and mid distances. Our aircraft is able to move and deliver cargoes across several tough terrains.

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated personnel provides customer service with excellence to efficiently meet the needs of timely delivery, cost-effectiveness and safety of cargoes to the admiration of our customers.