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Runway and Helideck Surface Friction Test

We offer Runway and helideck/helipad friction measurement for the initial evaluation following new construction, resurfacing, or as will be required to ensure that the runway surface friction characteristics meets requirements for safe operation and also ensures that adequate surface friction is maintained at all times regardless of the runway surface condition to comply with appropriate regulation.

Surface friction measurement ensures that facilities comply with ICAO recommendation contained in Annex 14 volume 1 3.1.22 and 3.1.23 as well as the content of section 6 and 7 of Attachment A Guidance material supplementary to Annex 14 volume 1. The Nigerian Aerodrome regulations part 12 106 (c), (d), (e) as well as NCAR 2012 Vol-II 12.6.4 c(ii) are also in alignment with ICAO recommendation. These regulations stipulate the surface frictional coefficient that must be maintained between runway/Airplane tires and helicopter landing wheel or skid for safe landing and takeoff operation. The use of wet and dry continuous friction measuring equipment is recommended.

Maintaining the required runway or helideck surface friction prevents excursion and or runway over run or skidding off the helicopter from the landing area.

Contaminants such as rubber deposits, dust particles, jet fuel, oil spillage, water, slush and ice can cause loss of surface friction. Scheduled runway/helideck surface friction measurement ensures that contaminants are removed before friction deteriorates below the minimum level for safe operation.

Knowledge of the status of surface friction ensures proactive measures are put in place to improve safety of Aviation operation.

Equipment Type:

We utilize the ASFT T2GO portable friction measuring equipment for helidecks and the customized Skoda continuous friction measuring equipment for runway. Our equipment are manufactured to ICAO requirements and are capable for dry and wet measurement.


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