Welcome to Rovaty Aviation Limited


Rovaty Aviation Limited policy places highest priority on the health and safety of its employees, contractors and our host community at all times. Our operation shall be conducted in a manner that minimizes impact on the environment.

As a responsible organization, we are focused on implementing and maintaining an established health and safety management systems that ensures compliance with the requirements of our policy and any applicable regulations.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Provide safe, secure and healthy work place for all employees, contractors and users of our facilities.

  2. Ultimately prevent injuries at work places by developing safe working practices, training employees in the practices and monitoring the results in each department.

  3. Promote health, safety and environmental protection as an integral part of our business and as the duties of management along with the education of all employees.

  4. Supply appropriate information, instruction and training to promote a high degree of awareness of health, safety and environmental concerns and the responsibility of each employee to prevent injury to themselves and others.

  5. Comply with all laws and regulations covering occupational health and safety and the environment.

  6. Develop and implement policies and procedures designed to promote safe working practices and environmental protection and encourage healthy and safe operating conditions in all companies.

  7. Implement practices and procedures for the use, handling, storage and transportation of materials and substances and to eliminate discharges and omissions that could harm the environment.

Although the Quality and Safety Manager is responsible for communication of this policy and for compliance with its undertakings, he reports directly to me The Chief Executive Officer. I am ultimately responsible for ensuring the effective implementation, management and monitoring of the Safety Management System which encompasses the HSE Management process.

While management carries these accountabilities and responsibilities, the process is only fully effective, when the responsibility and accountability for health, safety and environment is owned by all employees and contractors of Rovaty Aviation Limited. This is demonstrated by personnel awareness, understanding and compliance with regulatory and company HSE standards and requirements.

Roland John Essien,